Meet Our Ambassadors!


Hi! My name is Nicole. I am 26 and from Wantagh, NY. I grew up playing sports and dancing from as little as I can remember. In High school I joined track and fell in love it. “The body is cape able of hard things, but it’s the mind you need to convince” a saying I always told myself when running. Strong body, stronger mind. After HS I waitressed and then found a 9-5 job insurance. Being active and healthy was also something I felt strongly about and wanted to expand on that. 3 years ago I took that leap and that is when my fitness journey really started. I joined OrangeTheory, which then lead me to wanting to learn more. I started lifting in a regular gym on top of Orangetheory. Realizing at  that point what the body was capable of both mentally & physically, I fell in love with the process. The process of growing myself and wanting to help other people on their journey. I got a job with the company , and then received my PT training certification. I have expanded since then in my career/ journey and i am loving every step. All of that led to me to working with slay fitness.  A company that accepts everyone no matter who you are. A company that wants you to grow with them and help enhance other people’s lives and journey. I became an athlete for the company and I couldn’t be any more excited to watch the company grow and grow with them. My favorite slay item so far has been the 2.0 set. I am so excited to see the new releases and what other amazing pieces they come out with . I am so grateful for this opportunity!


Hi! My name is Marisa. I am from Floral Park, NY but currently reside in Wantagh, NY. I grew up a competitive swimmer & swam for NYS in high school. During college, I decided to give up competitive swimming to focus on my studies. I hold a BS in Health Sciences, IIN Health Coach Certification & over 20 fitness certifications. I’ve taught at many fitness studios/gyms across Long Island & currently teach at Pure Barre. I decided to go back to school to obtain my BSN in Nursing while also working full-time for Northwell Health. I joined SlayFitnessApparel because of the community & non-discrimination. The Slay community accepts all shapes & sizes and makes you feel welcomed no matter where you are in your fitness / health journey. After a gallbladder removal & diagnosis of thyroid disease, I put on a lot of weight that is not easy to lose. I am currently on my journey to getting back to where I feel happy, healthy & comfortable! My favorite slay piece is the Slay Fit 2.0 Pink Leggings & black cross fire bra!


Heyy my name is Jenna. I'm 29 from Massapequa NY I am a new small business owner of La Luce Cosmetics Im also a makeup artist and i am a sphynx cat mama! I joined slay because i love supporting other women in business and supporting and building up other women. I love slay because its for everyone and the quality is amazing. My favorite slay piece are the shorts and cross back white bra!

 Tisa Cassidy:

My name is Tisa Cassidy, I am 27 years old from Huntington NY. I am a Long Island Foodie at heart, but joined a fit journey within the past year. I work out so I can eat the way I do! I joined Slay because I love to support strong women like our CEO Samantha! Slay fitness has such cute and comfortable gear. My Favorite slay piece is the crossfire sports bra, it is super supportive and adorable!


I was born and raised in Long Island, NY currently living in Southern New Jersey! I’m 29 years old. I became involved in the world of fitness through my own self love journey to push myself not only physically but also mentally beyond my limits. I am so grateful that my path has crossed with Slay Fit and I am incredibly excited for what the future of this company holds! Slay Fit has so many great items and the quality is amazing. My ideal favorite outfit is the white crossfire bra, slay 2.0 shorts and the slay crop top t-short.


Hi! My name is Kait. I am 29 and live in Levittown, NY. I grew up dancing and playing basketball; when I got to college, I joined any and all sports/activity I could, creating the healthiest, most self loving & fun lifestyle I could. I continue to live that way everyday, thanking my body by moving it as much as possible.  I initially joined Slay because of the amazing products (shoutout for my favorite, any & all of the leggings), but the even better reason is the Slay Fam.  They are genuinely the most enthusiastic, supportive, fun loving, kind, positive and obviously strong girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!


Heyyy hey! My name is Tonimarie, I am 26 years old living on Long Island NY! I’ve been an athlete my whole life so health and fitness runs through my blood! Beauty is another passion of mine! I have an all natural beauty and wellness company and also own a residential cleaning company! Busy is my middle name!

I like to believe people come into your life for a reason. Slay literally found its way to me and I’ve been on this journey ever since. You will be too once you buy your first set of leggings! Talk about quality! The most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. They are all my favorite. #slayallday in every aspect of your life!  Don’t let your excuses or fear hold you back from your dreams!


My name is Jessicalynn Tank, born and raised in  (Suffolk County) Long Island, NY. I am 29 years old, I grew up playing sports and the fitness and health industry runs in my blood. I’m a teachers aid for mentally disabled and behavioral children; I also volunteer for a not for profit sports organization in my community. I joined slay  because it’s a local, small business that is run by an amazing woman who wants to support and motivate all women. Empowering one another and showcasing our differences is just some reasons why I love slay. My favorite pieces are everything hahah but the top picks are the single strap sports bra, black shorts, black and maroon leggings.


Hello, I’m Lori I’m 27 years old. The gym is my favorite place and my home away from home. I fell in love with fitness while working towards being able to pass a police physical. I saw the bikini athletes at the gym and said to myself “I’m going to do that” and so I started doing it! Medical issues have slowed me down but they never will stop me! I came across slay through a friend recommendation and fell in love with the brand and have been wearing it ever since. 🖤


Hey Everyone! My name is Nicole! I’m 28 years old & I’m from Long Island, NY - I work for Northwell Health in the medical field. Due to this, I know how important it is to keep not only your body, but your mind as healthy as possible to live a long happy life. I’m new to this whole exercise thing but decided to finally put myself first and take care of myself. Life has thrown me so many curve balls & I often forget to make sure I’m happy. I’m new to the Slay fam but I am happy to be a part of all the beautiful, strong and independent women that make up this team. They are nothing short of amazing and push/encourage me to better myself. Seeing our CEO, Sam, take on the world from the same town as me, you know I have to support my girl! This is a great way to keep me busy and help me focus on what is important in life. You guys have seen nothing yet. Slay is going to be coming out with some amazing new stuff and I know this will take over the fitness world. I can’t wait to see and be apart of it!